We can accommodate one time cleans in November, Regular clients welcome to our waiting list. Serving the Kemptville area, easy payment, bonded and insured, registered HST

Blissful Home Cleaning

We are all booked up and have a long waiting list but we are doing everything we can to be available to clean for you!

Our team loves cleaning. Why? Because cleaning is HARD. It's a science and an art. It takes Full attention and focus and is downright hard to do in your own home!

COVID-19 is still extremely serious and we offer Full home Steam disinfection upon request. Our team wares masks and is microbe aware!

It's too bad Holliday travel is out, we get how hard it is to be stuck at home week after week! we are keen to brighten your space, your Castle. Book your 10h deep for this December and feel the difference!

  • Eco friendly

    Our eco-friendly cleaning products are safer for you home and family, busting grime and leaving each room looking (and smelling) splendid!

  • Family friendly

    We fit into your busy schedule, and help with just about anything that you need to keep your household running smoothly (laundry, toy organization, etc)

  • Pet friendly

    Our dedicated pet-friendly cleaners make sure that your pets are comfortable and safe while we're working in your home. 

got a question?

What services do you provide?

We provide all kinds of housecleaning and home organization services. To learn more, see our Services page!

What cities do you service?

We currently meet house-cleaning needs in the Kemptville area

How much do you charge?

The hourly rate for one cleaner is $43+HST per hour for regular residential cleans, and $45+HST for Commercial and one time cleans. For more information visit our Contact us page. 

How do I get a one-time clean or organizing help?

Jennifer provides one-time cleans, often with another team member for cleans that take 8+ hours. 

If you need help making sense of an overflowing basement or garage, Jennifer will bring fun and confidence to even the worst tasks! Jennifer has a knack for solving space and place mysteries and using what is available to meet that need.

Drop us a message and Jennifer will get back to you right away.

I want regular cleaning, what does that involve?

Let us know and Jennifer will get back to you right away. Read more about regular cleaning and the frequencies we provide here, on our Services page.

We will settle on a convenient day and time for Jennifer to come meet you, give an approximation of the hours needed to accomplish your ideal level of clean, and answer your questions. 

Jennifer can provide your first clean then, or book another day for that. After your first couple of cleans by Jennifer, you will be matched up with a cleaner that is a good fit for you and your home's needs.

Your new house cleaner will be available for you to make schedule changes, better understand your changing household cleaning needs, and maintain your cleaning preferences and home privacy.

If for any reason your cleaner is unable to make it to your scheduled clean, Jennifer does her best to fill in that day or another day that week.

How do you take payment?

At the end of every clean we invoice for the hours worked and any extra client-requested items such as a new mop or fresh bouquet of flowers. 

We are happy to provide the convenience of AmazonPay, ApplePay, Google Pay, PayPal, Shopify Pay, and Venmo to our clients, as well as the option to pay with their Credit Card directly.

Clients are welcome to make a Blissful Home Cleaning account for a faster checkout experience.

What do you bring with you?

We have great pride in our fleet of Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Multi Floor canister vacuum cleaners and their superior suction, speed, and air cleaning powers. 

We bring our own microfibre clothes, and natural cleaning products that work as hard as we do and leave your house spring-fresh every time!

For first-time and one-time cleans we bring our splendid Vileda Easy Wring Spin Mop & Bucket System for perfect floors, every time! We can then provide our regular clients a new Vileda Easy Wring Spin Mop & Bucket for $40. We like to give our clients dust-privacy. No sharing! And this is an amazing mop, it cleans baseboards, walls and ceilings to boot and can spin almost dry!

How does house cleaning benefit our clients?

  • Working families

    Life seems to go faster every year and time to bond and connect keeps slipping away! Make time for each other by delegating the cleaning to us.

  • Pet owners

    Weekly cleans give you freedom from pet hair and mess! Bi-weekly cleans give your house a top to bottom addvantage against the dust and dirt.

  • Sunset side of life

    Vacuuming and mopping can become too much for seniors, while they are still able to attend to all other aspects of home life. Many enjoy dusting and cleaning the bathrooms before we come to do the floors. It is also helpful to have an active individual come regularly as our cleaners are happy to lend a hand if needed.