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Welcome to November..

Hello November.. you bring us some of the darkest days of the year as our sun retreats and lack of snow leaves earth & sky dark. We sense this as inner resistance and melancholy but it is actually a poignant reminder to focus on what truly matters; our hearts and homes.

For those who 'hate winter' I am bringing you November Survival tips to brighten your Season. Actioning a few small changes will give much joy. This is a wonderful time of year to reflect and plan for the next. Your Holidays are more in your control than you may realize!

November begs us to schedule time to just BE. Curl around a hot cup of coco or into a hot bath and sit with who you are and how you are. What traditions do you want to drop? new ones you want to add? Who do you really want to make sure you get time with? Every one of your November decisions will affect your December. The power is in your hands and if you can grab a notebook to start your power lists, on paper too.
I will bring you November survival tips and hope they cheer you a little.. sometime there are things Netflix just can't fix. Its ok to feel the November grays. For now, here are a few good things to think on, talk over with your close peeps, and plan for:
How much did you spend last year in December? Same plans this year? How much of that can you save up for in November?
What do you want to skip this year?
What do you want to add?
What can you Give?
What can you Make?
Who can you visit that would otherwise be lonely
What hurt your or others feeling last year and how can that be changed for the better?
What is your one, favorite winter tradition and what do you want to do with it this year?

We may not have much luck feeling better right now but we have a lot of power to improve our future, and that's something to celebrate!


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