Thank you for visiting our site, we are not able to accept any new clients or one-time claims for the foreseeable future. You are worthy of a tranquil home and we look forward to cleaning for you as soon as we can!


It's nice to know how our clean made your life more wonderful, but what we value most is hearing from you when we missed the mark! (Cleaners are human too!)


We KNOW we mess up sometimes, forget things, etc., no matter how hard we try! That's why our clients are assign one committed cleaner! So they can learn your favorite things and what bugs you the most. Everyone is different! We are trying to clean to YOUR satisfaction and that's going to take some trial and error, communication and your FEEDBACK!


So please let us know how this whole "house cleaning" thing is going for you, and how we can do it more wonderfully! 

  • If you have an issue with the way your house was cleaned, please reach out to your cleaner and let them know what you were hoping for and how you would like it done differently next time.
  • If you don't feel comfortable doing so,, please reach out to Jennifer and she will talk your cleaner though new ways to meet your need.
  • If you want a re-clean, let Jennifer know and she will come fix the problem at your convenience.
  • If you are having a hard time with your cleaner, let Jennifer know what has been the difficulty andand she can address the issue or assign you a new cleaner!

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