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Everybuddy loves it, right? Well, at least the clean, dry, folded, put away kind.

But getting your wardrobe in that condition can drive even the most determined to whine and wine! The thing is, your clothes are how you express yourself to the world, and the clothes you own are as unique to you as your fingerprints! 

Lets focus a bit on your clothes and how to get them where you can wear them.

Clothes cost a lot. 

"What is the average value of the clothes in a woman's closet? Women have an average of $1,000 to $2,500 of clothing sitting in their wardrobe."

So if half your clothes are dirty.. that's pottentaly $500 or more, just sitting in the bin or on the floor, useless to you and in danger of being lost or damaged. It pays to think carefully about WHAT you wash and HOW, or your clothing won't last long. Trust me, Jeans eat hoodies for lunch! bras DO NOT go in the dryer and your delicates will get pulled to pieces if thrown in with everything else!

But why is it NEVER done? partly because everyone is in clothes for most of the day (right?) but also because it takes a buttload of time! says:

"Eight loads of laundry would take roughly 10 hours to complete. (That is estimating 35 minutes to wash the first load without anything in the dryer, 440 minutes to dry 8 loads of laundry, and 120 minutes of folding and putting away time.) Ten loads of laundry would take just over 12 hours to complete."


Why not have your laundry done while your house is being cleaned?

You can learn the laundry language or have it all taken care of for you while your house is getting cleaned. Too many houses are plagued with the neverending clean pile of clothes or a seriously restricted wardrobe to choose from because most of it is dirty.