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Love. What is it anyway?

Because February the 14th is creeping up again and we need to know.

I can only speak from my position, that of a working wife and mom. When I was young, love was passion, hopes and dreams of my future. Now I am here, love is being supported and understood by the few I choose to hold close. Love is not flowers or gifts or fancy getaways, although they make me feel good, but love is being surprised and pleased by my dear one hearing the true me behind my grumpy morning moods or family stress, Truly listening or actually doing something that will solve what I can't fix!

When a wife says she is too tired to have fun it likely means she feels she has too much responsibility to relax and cut loose. When we were young and have fewer cares or small hands asking to be carried ALL THE TIME, there was more room to feel loved. to act loving. to be grateful!



Room to love.




Now I want to ask you to imagine a resort or curse, or even a weekend away and nice hotel. How does your loved one unwind there? How long does it take? What is there more room for? How to habits change and words soffen? It's good, right? 



How do you bring it home with you? how long does it last? a day? a week? and hour? 

Now what if some of that room could be planted in your current daily life? Room for love. Space to breath? And relax? What would that look like for your loved one? lets flip this on it's head. What takes up the most time each week and what can be handed off to someone else? Meal boxes are changing how people eat and saving hours in the store and kitchen. What about other areas?



Does she clean? Do you? It can take hours of tidying and organizing before cleaning is even possible! If the whole family pitches in and does a few hours each week that helps, but left to one or two people, you are looking at a good 10 to 30 hours a week, for a nice looking home it could be 40 or more! Whichever of you take on the hours of housework, the truth is that if you work outside the home as well, there is little to no energy left over for each other at the end of the day.. or week, or month, or year!

Time to make a change and make more Room in your home for special time together.  Before one or both of you burn out or blow up.



Let's talk laundry!


Laundry is time consuming. that's the truth of the matter. It is also unending and frustrating if you have many other, more important things to do.

"Eight loads of laundry would take roughly 10 hours to complete. (That is estimating 35 minutes to wash the first load without anything in the dryer, 440 minutes to dry 8 loads of laundry, and 120 minutes of folding and putting away time.) Ten loads of laundry would take just over 12 hours to complete."

So you could take all your laundry to the laundromat and pay them to wash and fold it. but then you need to pick it up and then put it all away! More time wasted.



What if it was sorted, washed, dried, even ironed, and put away for you, while you were still at work!?! Giving your family a full half day more time per week! Hello date night! and no laundry asking to be folded all over your bed (it is always a huge buzz kill).



How would your love feel if she came home to find ALL the laundry put away, a clean house, flowers in the kitchen and chocolate by her bed? Priceless, right? Somebody has to do it, but it doesn't need to be her! She is irreplaceable. She is the children's mother. Your partner, your joy. Or atleast when she has room to breath. 



Turns out, Love may be Housework and laundry. After all.



Time to make an order to Blissful Home Cleaning for our Valentines package.



REALLY get her what she wants this year and get ready to enjoy what Truly matters!