We can return to cleaning for our regular clients once Ontario enters Stage 2. Until then we continue to clean for those Volnerable to COVID-19 and for the Relater market

Payment & Receipts

Paying your email invoices

Viewing paid orders

Downloading PDF receipts

Later in the new year we will have both your invoices AND paid orders visible on your www.blissfulhome.ca “My Account” page, but for now, only your paid orders are there. 


To check that you have paid:

  1. Search in your email inbox for “blissful home cleaning invoice”

  2. select on any email invoices you are not sure about

  3. click the “Complete your purchase” button

You will only be taken to checkout from unpaid invoices.


To view your paid orders:

  1. Go to www.blissfulome.ca

  2. Click the menu icon

  3. Click “My Account”

  4. Log in or make an account with the email address we send your invoices to

  5. Click on the order # to view the order details

  6. If you want a PDF Recept, when on the order details page, click “Print PDF Order” to view, download, or print a formal Paid invoice receipt


Our TOP priority is to reduce your stress and help you simplify your busy + #COVIDstress life. 

If you have any questions about your unpaid Invoices, Paid Orders, or PDF receipts, please don't hesitate to reach out!

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