Thank you for visiting our site, we are not able to accept any new clients or one-time claims for the foreseeable future. You are worthy of a tranquil home and we look forward to cleaning for you as soon as we can!


The House Cleaner is coming!

That most often means more work for 'mom'.

Every house needs a good tidy before it is cleaned, as it's not practical to dust, vacuum and mop around dirty socks and dishes! But we DO want to help make the task easier for you! This list below streamlines the main areas that need attention before your cleaner shows up, so she can clean efficiently and well.

Now, we are more than happy to do the tidy ourselves but it could double the hours your house takes to clean! It's your call, just let your cleaner know you want a full house tidy and she will add the extra hours to your invoice.


If you are doing your own Tidy, there may be a benefit to calling a family meeting and reading everything that there is to do BEFORE you can get your house cleaned! Express how it's too much for one person to do and ask if anyone wants to adopt a task or two, and have them commit in writing, also enter it into their calendar so they can keep track of their responsibilities. We use Google calendar and will happily add your and other email addresses to your cleaning appointment, that way everyone is up to date, and if there is a day or time change everyone knows!


Walk through all rooms with trash small bags for empty trash cans and a big garbage bag for loose garbage. Empty trash cans and replace liner bag
Walk through all rooms and pick up dirty dishes
Walk through all rooms with hamper and pick up Dirty laundry
Walk through rooms with basket to collect misplaced books and toys, retrace steps to put them away in correct rooms
Fold and put away all clean laundry (gets the dust out before vacuuming
Strip and make beds (gets those crumbs and dust out too, before vacuuming)
Walk through all rooms with a box for each room, put all out of place items (on the floor, etc) in a box and leave it to be put away by the room’s resident
Tidy Hall closets and shoe racks

Sort all dirty laundry into loads
Empty/sort the recycling, take out the garbage
Clean dishwasher drain filter and run a self clean cycle 
Wipe Washing machine door inside and out, run the drum clean cycle with 2 cups of vinegar or Short Hot cycle.
Pitch spoiled food from the fridge