Thank you for visiting our site, we are not able to accept any new clients or one-time claims for the foreseeable future. You are worthy of a tranquil home and we look forward to cleaning for you as soon as we can!

Regular House Cleaning Form

We are abiding by the Ontario wide Shutdown, however, if you meet the Ontario Government’s criteria for receiving domestic services (“only to support children (if no one else is able bodied enough to clean the house, or if you have a daycare), seniors (65 and over) or vulnerable persons” you are eligible to receive housecleaning service as outlined below.

The Ontario Government has implemented a shutdown to help prevent the spread of Covid-19. It’s scheduled to be in effect until January 23, 2021. 

The shutdown includes restrictions on housecleaning, which is considered a “domestic service” according to the government’s guidelines. Domestic services are permitted to continue during shutdown “only to support children, seniors or vulnerable persons” (see page 15 of the Government of Ontario guidelines). The Government of Canada’s definition of “vulnerable persons” can be found here.

We request our clients to observe these COVID-19 precautions:

  • Cancel your clean (free of charge) if a family member feels ill
  • Cancel if anyone in the household will need or has taken a COVID-19 test and not received the results yet
  • Open a few windows before your cleaner arrives 
  • Work in a room or floor that will not be cleaned, or ware a face covering
  • Notify your cleaner what room or floor not to clean, as you will be working there, without a face covering on