We are still cleaning for vulnerable persons, the elderly, and people with heart or lung complications. We wear masks and ask you do too, an empty house is best for COVID Safety

Blissful Home Cleaning gift cards

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We may be far from our loved ones this spring but we can still give the gift of brighter times to come!

A house cleaning gift card says:

I Care

I am proud of you!

I wish I could help

I wish I was there

Hope you feel better soon

Things will get better

You are loved!

Our dedicated cleaning team puts their whole heart into helping Cheer and Encourage, leaving positive love and energy everywhere they clean.

These Luxury Gift cards will never expire, and if you like, we will reach out by phone to your loved one, just to say Hi, and that we look forward to brightening their home. If so, please request a phone call for recipient at checkout.

Satisfaction guaranteed.


COVID-19 essential business news- At this time, we can clean for New home Move In cleans, Providing disinfection cleaning to essential businesses, and essential cleaning for the venerable and elderly. As soon as the lock down is lightened, we will have more freedom to provide additional residential cleaning. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram for updates!


Our Gift cards are:

 2 hours - cleaning credit - To add extra time onto an existing clean

 6 hours - A helping hand - Dust, vacuum, mop.

 8 hours - Deep Help - Loving Tidy and Organization, dust, vacuum, and mop

10 hours - Deep Clean - Full dusting, vacuuming, Bathroom and Kitchen deep clean, full house mop, polish and shine! (For houses over 2500 square feet, more time may be needed)

19 hours - New Home Deep Clean - Complete clean, walls, windows, etc! Steam cleaned to perfection (homes over 2,500 square feet may require more time)

68 hours - Total new mamma support package - Complete care for all her nesting needs.

Before baby arrives:

Two, 4 hour visits to help set up the nursery

8 hour whole house cleaning to help ease her worries and care

Baby's first month:

One grocery run per week (Covers shopping and delivery time, additional money for food will need to be provided prior to shopping trip)

Two, 3 hour visits per week to help with dishes, laundry, cleaning or tidying

Months 2 and 3:

One 4 hour Clean per week