We can return to cleaning for our regular clients once Ontario enters Stage 2. Until then we continue to clean for those Volnerable to COVID-19 and for the Relater market

Wool Duster

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Environmentally friendly, this washable wool duster will last for years with proper care!

Naturally occurring wool lanolin attracts and captures dust particles without the need for chemical dusting sprays or disposable, synthetic microfiber dusting products.

To maintain your duster's impressive lanolin super-power, choose a baby shampoo, moisturizing shampoo or hypoallergenic pet shampoo. Please avoid dish detergent or laundry detergent as are harsh and may wash away the lanolin. 

1) Dampen your dirty duster and your hands.

2) Apply a drop or two of baby shampoo etc. to your hands, rub together and then rub over your duster. you only need to apply the soap to the obviously soiled parts of your duster, it will get washed through when you rinse it.

3) Gently rinse your duster under slightly warm water (do not change the temperature as it will cause the wool fibres to matt) until squeaky clean. Do not scrub it as that will tangle the fibres as well.

4) Repeatedly tap the handle on the sink or tub to shake excess water out of your duster. you may also press it lightly between thick towels. to re-fluff it, spin the handles between your palms.

5) Dry your duster in a sunny spot or near an air vent. hanging it so air can get to all sides is good too. do not use until dry.



This product will be brought to your home when we clean for you, it is not available for purchase by non-clients.